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groov EPIC

by Opto 22


The industrial controls system you've been waiting for.

Here it is: Opto 22’s groov EPIC—the world’s first
Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC – the acronym says it all).

It’s simpler, less expensive, more secure, more powerful, and ready to tackle your application. Remote monitoring, process control, data acquisition and processing, internet of things connections: you can do it all with groov EPIC.

Key features

  • Guaranteed-for-life I/O

  • MQTT / Sparkplug communications

  • Embedded IIoT / MQTT Support

  • IEC61131 Programming with CodeDeSys

  • A flexible Linux®-based controller with gateway functions

  • Ignition Edge® for OPC-UA drivers

  • Ability to run Ignition

  • High-resolution touchscreen

  • Two independent network interfaces

  • USB and HDMI ports

  • Software including control programming

  • groov View for device-independent HMI

  • Node-RED for simple data flows

  • And more!

Want more?

For more information or to order your groov RIO in Mena Region, contact us.
For more detailed information on the groov RIO, visit the Opto 22 website.

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